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Knitted items for cats

OK, so I am a cat owner.  I have two cats (Pudding and Pickle) and I knit.  However – I would never, ever, ever think about merging these two interests of mine.  Having looked around the internet it is plain to see that there are many items knitted for cats which really should have never been created!  There are some very patient cats out there, being subjected to horrific fashion disasters. Their owners – nothing if not loving, are perhaps, on occasions, a little bit misdirected in their efforts.

 Of course… cats aren’t the only ones being subjected to these kinds of knitted disasters!  But, I somehow believe that dogs are happy with anything, and will merrily go along with all that their owners subject them to fashion wise.  Cats however have their own sense of style – and I think the faces of the majority of these pets says it all…the indignation!

A few examples for you…

I'm so full of Christmas cheer...

"I'm a cat get me outta here!"

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

If I'm cute will you take this stuff off my head?

Hey - I get cold don't ya know... I have no fur!

OK – so it is possible that the last one might need a little jumper, but it should really learn to grow its own fur 😉

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