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MY so called scarf!

Well, would you believe it – I’ve finally finished a project!  I’ve been looking at the pattern for ‘My So Called Scarf’ (found here and also on ravelry) for just ages and ages.  However, I have a lot of trouble finding new and interesting yarns around here.  I have a couple of shops that I use to buy wool – but they stock the very standard Rowan, Sirdar, and an abundance of acrylics.  Everything over and above that I have to buy on the internet.

A few weeks ago I went on a really lovely holiday to Dartmoor, and stayed in the most beautiful holiday cottage.  We ate good food, fresh local produce, dined at fabulous restaurants, but what really did it for me was the access I had to some of the fantastic craft and yarn stores that there was.  I was in my element.

The first little gem of a store that we stumbled across was one in Hatherleigh, Devon.  The owner of this store keeps a blog which you can find here which shows off some of the fabulous and cute things that she keeps.  It was my ideal of a wonderful life, sat in a cute little shop, surrounded by lovely things, and being allowed – if not encouraged – to knit at work!!!

The second fabulous place that we stopped at was called Spin A Yarn in Bovey Tracey, you can find their website here.  This shop is just an emporium of wool.  I walked in, went a bit weak at the knees and just stopped in awe, the ladies came and offered me and my friend a cup of tea or coffee while we looked, which I thought was a lovely touch!  Anyway, I could have browsed for ages in this shop, but I suddenly thought back to my endless pattern searches on ravelry, and thought of the ‘My so called scaf’ pattern that I had been looking at lovingly for months. Iasked the assistant if she stocked Manos Del Uruguay, and they did!!  I was so excited!!  Then, I had to try and choose which colour…

Anyway, this was what I bought, its not the kind of thing I wanted to buy on the internet – you really need to see it to know what you are getting, and you really need to feel it to know how soft and lovely it is.

I love this scarf – and just can’t wait for some colder weather to be able to wear it!  The pattern just works so well for this wool, I am so happy with it, and it took no time at all to knit up!


April 4, 2010 at 8:20 am 1 comment

Knitted items for cats

OK, so I am a cat owner.  I have two cats (Pudding and Pickle) and I knit.  However – I would never, ever, ever think about merging these two interests of mine.  Having looked around the internet it is plain to see that there are many items knitted for cats which really should have never been created!  There are some very patient cats out there, being subjected to horrific fashion disasters. Their owners – nothing if not loving, are perhaps, on occasions, a little bit misdirected in their efforts.

 Of course… cats aren’t the only ones being subjected to these kinds of knitted disasters!  But, I somehow believe that dogs are happy with anything, and will merrily go along with all that their owners subject them to fashion wise.  Cats however have their own sense of style – and I think the faces of the majority of these pets says it all…the indignation!

A few examples for you…

I'm so full of Christmas cheer...

"I'm a cat get me outta here!"

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

If I'm cute will you take this stuff off my head?

Hey - I get cold don't ya know... I have no fur!

OK – so it is possible that the last one might need a little jumper, but it should really learn to grow its own fur 😉

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Barney the slug

Well, after watching a fabulous episode of Glee (I love that programme!!!) I sat down and just started knitting.  I didn’t find a pattern that completely fitted my requirements, I wanted a slug a little bit bigger than the free patterns below. 

I found some wool that was given to me a couple of years back by my Nanny – and some embroidery cotton, some double ended needles, and away I went!  I wish I could put the patten here, it was very simple to do, but I didn’t write it down.  Maybe I’ll make another one and let you all know how it was done – it only took me just over an hour to make, and I think he’d make a happy addition to any plant pot!

Here is the little chap… Barney the slug…

He is sat on my bosses sunflower pot, he’s a big fan of Australia hence the flag… this is slug sabotage knitting styleee! Don’t you think he’s cute!

March 30, 2010 at 5:03 pm 5 comments


We’re having a sunflower growing competition at work – and I thought I’d knit a couple of slugs to put into the pots!

I’ve found the following knitted slugs so far… I wonder how mine will turn out!

I love this one I found on and love the yellow colour.

These proper cute little chaps and chapesses over on

Or what about this dude by Cheezombie on Etsy…

I’ll let you see when I have had a play and seen how mine comes out!

March 29, 2010 at 7:59 pm 4 comments

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